Privacy Policy

What is Personal Information?

“Personal Information” is information that identifies you as an individual, such as:
Name, Birth date, Email address, Profile picture.

How to Collect Personal Information

Hakuba Berghaus require entry of personal information and record that information in a database when performing reservation, inquiry, member registration and other such procedures. Hakuba Berghaus uses the information thus recorded to provide services beneficial to our customers.

Usage of Personal Information

Data thus entered and recorded is used for the following purposes.

  1. For our company or Provide information or present campaign information about the services provided by third parties or other business partners (here in after referred to as the “business partner”) that jointly sell the service to a third party or jointly with us.
  2. To conduct research and review for the purpose of developing and improving the services provided by us or our business partners.
  3. To create statistical documentation about the services we and our business partners provide.
  4. To provide job information for us and our business partners
  5. To conduct research and examination for the purpose of formulating and improving our management policy or sales strategy.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. We will not provide any personal information of our guests to any third party without the consent of the guests, except for the case as 2. follows.
  2. We may provide personal information to a third party in the following cases:
    1. Required by law.
    2. Required immediately for the protection of human lives, health and property.
    3. When our company deems it necessary to cooperate with the Government of the State or the local public entity or the entrusted person to carry out the clerical work prescribed by the law, and for other public interest.
    4. When we determine that it is necessary to secure our customers or our rights
    5. When entrusting the handling of personal information to the extent necessary for the execution of business

Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

  1. You can make the following request by our prescribed procedure.
    1. Make sure that the personal information we hold is not the wrong information.
    2. To correct or delete the personal information that we hold in the event that the information is incorrect.
  2. If you would like to make these requests, please contact as follows.
    Contact: Hotel Hakuba Berghaus
    TEL: +81 261-83-2014

Safety of Personal Information

Loss of personal information due to improper access, we have taken reasonable and rigorous safety measures against risks such as destruction, falsification, and leakage. But the loss, destruction, alteration, and personal information that causes for the following reasons are not attributable to us, please be aware that we are not liable for leaks.

  1. If you disclose personal information to the Internet in a form that anyone can access.
  2. If you disclose personal information to a website other than our company.
  3. If your personal information leaks from your device or if your personal information is leaked due to the use of password under your control.
  4. If the email address entered by the customer on the various application forms is incorrect. (In order to confirm the contents in the various application forms, the system automatically distributes the application information to the registered email address. Therefore, even if the wrong email address, the application information will be automatically delivered to the email address.)

Change in Privacy Policy

  1. The content of this privacy policy may be changed without notifying the customer.
  2. The revised privacy policy shall be effective from the time it is posted on our website except as otherwise provided by our company.